Our Latest Machine: The Endurovac Gutter Vacuum

After swearing multiple times I would never make the drive again, in June I relented and once more drove the length of the country (twice!). This time it was a trip from Perth to Melbourne to pick up another quality gutter vacuum system to add to our arsenal.

We’ve picked up an Endurovac gutter vacuum which has already been getting plenty of use on the gutters of Perth, with phenomenal results. This thing truly is a beast. With upto 65m of hose length, we can cover any property with ease. The power is unmatched, meaning every morcel of debris will be removed from your gutters with a quick once over. We also have high reach poles, to reach any spots that can’t be accessed from the roof or from a ladder.

The drive was worth it after all!

If you suspect you may need your gutters cleaned, get in touch for a no obligation full quote. 99% of the time, we will be using one of our vacuum systems, assuming accessibility with the property.

See you from the roof!

-Cody (owner Gutter Cleaning Perth)

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